About CoolSeal USA

CoolSeal USA is a fully independent manufacturer and supplier (located in Perrysbug, Ohio) dedicated to the manufacturing of extruded corrugated polypropylene sheets and the conversion to CoolSeal boxes.

We are a fully integrated facility including packaging design, extrusion of corrugated polypropylene sheet, printing, die-cutting with our unique process for Heat Sealing all open edges, through the final step of folding and sealing boxes.

We use only 100% virgin polypropylene resin to manufacture CoolSeal boxes and offer Traceability back to source raw materials used in the production of our boxes.

CoolSeal USA is a partnership between Hinkle Manufacturing, headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio, and Tri Pack Plastics, located in Grimsby, England. For over 50 years, Hinkle Manufacturing has provided returnable and expendable packaging solutions to the Automotive Industry.

Tri Pack Plastics offers recyclable fabricated plastic corrugated packaging to the European Marketplace for the packaging of seafood (fresh and frozen), meats, produce and pharmaceuticals through their CoolSeal™ line of products.

CoolSeal USA products are 100% recyclable and fiber free, and are designed to be a replacement for polystyrene and waxed corrugated packages in the North American Market.

In addition, CoolSeal also offers plastic corrugated sheet and laminated plastic corrugated sheet to other North American fabricators for use in their products.

Company Mission

To be the best extruder and fabricator of corrugated plastic in North America.


CoolSeal Advantages

  • Reduced storage space devoted to packaging
  • Very durable & difficult to break & leak-proof base available
  • Hygienic material
  • Safe for direct food contact
  • Easy & fast to erect
  • Heat Sealed Edges for enhanced strength & insulating properties
  • Savings on waste disposal with curbside recycling
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • 100% recyclable into high grade raw material
  • Meets customer desires for sustainable packaging
  • Many more boxes per pallet with CoolSeal versus Styrofoam

“Where fish is distributed in a controlled distribution chain, it would be beneficial to use boxes with less insulation to allow chill temperatures to influence product temperatures.” - The Sea Fish Industry Authority

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CoolSeal USA Quality Policy

CoolSeal USA is committed to:

  • Total customer satisfaction in everything we do
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Employee communication and involvement