Packaging Solutions for Seafood

Mindfully Designed and Environmentally Conscious Packaging for Fresh or Frozen Seafood

CoolSeal USA is the only manufacturer and supplier that offers a cost effective, completely recyclable alternative to the seafood shipping standards that have been used in the fishing industry for years. We have proven solutions for shipping seafood that replace Styrofoam and waxed corrugated boxes. Our fish boxes were developed and implemented throughout Europe over 20 years ago and are produced in the United States for the North American market by CoolSeal USA.

5 lb. box

5 lb. box

10 lb. box

10 lb. box

20 lb. box

20 lb. box

13 kg box

13 kg box

30 lb. box

30 lb. box

10 lb. fillet box

10 lb. fillet box

20 lb. fillet box

20 lb. fillet box

salmon box

salmon box

Packaging Designed with Efficiency in Mind

CoolSeal's seafood packaging introduces a groundbreaking approach to seafood storage. Our industry-specific boxes are delivered flat, dramatically reducing storage space by approximately 85% compared to traditional unpacked foam boxes. This compact design not only eases storage concerns but also optimizes shipping logistics, allowing for 20-30% more product per pallet. The result is a significant increase in shipping efficiency and cost savings.

Our innovative approach extends to the preservation of seafood quality. Our less insulated boxes facilitate quicker temperature adaptation, enhancing both the freshness and shelf life of the seafood within. These boxes are designed to bend without breaking, eliminating the risk of foam bead contamination, and are crafted with both safety and hygiene in mind, utilizing sealed edge technology that minimizes bacterial risks. Our seafood boxes are also 100% recyclable (PP5), offering an eco-friendly alternative that reduces disposal costs and aligns with sustainability goals.

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Innovative Packaging Solutions That Set Us Apart


Space-Efficient Design

  • Delivered flat and pre-folded to save approximately 85% more space than traditional unpacked foam boxes, optimizing storage efficiency.

Optimized Capacity

  • Smaller external dimensions but equal internal capacity allows for space savings and shipping efficiencies of up to 30%.

Temperature Control

  • Reduced insulation facilitates quicker temperature adjustment, significantly improving product quality and extending shelf life.

Superior Durability

  • Designed to flex without breaking and eliminate the risk of sytrofoam bead contamination associated with traditional foam packaging.



Made from PP5 material and 100% recyclable, offering environmentally responsible solutions that also reduce disposal costs.


Advanced Hygiene

Certified for direct food contact, our innovative sealed edge technology minimizes bacterial contamination risks for safer food handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products are these boxes best suited for?
CoolSeal's seafood packaging is ideal for shipping a range of items, from proteins (seafood, meat, and poultry) to a variety of product to any product shipping in a wet or fiber-free environment.
How does Coolseal Fish Box compare to waxed alternatives?
CoolSeal Fish Boxes are fully recyclable and resistant to moisture, standing out from waxed options that may claim recyclability but often fall short in practice.
What are the key shipping benefits of CoolSeal packaging?
CoolSeal boxes are fiber-free, leakproof, and designed for efficient stacking, ensuring secure and convenient transportation.
Why do businesses prefer CoolSeal's packaging solutions over commercial applications?
CoolSeal's 30-year track record of reliability in Europe fosters a sense of trust and dependability, appreciating the minimal disruption to existing processes and the added value it brings to their facilities and customers.

Custom Printed Leakproof Box


Custom Printed Leakproof Box

salmon box

Standard Printing Leakproof Box

Leakproof  Corrugated  Plastic Crop Box for Lobster

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Custom Printing Options

  • High Speed, In-Line Flexographic UV printing

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Packaging For Every Purpose

  • Pop-Up Boxes: reduce transport space and costs
  • Drainage Boxes: drain meltwater during transit
  • Leakproof Boxes: completely watertight, ideal for air freight transportation

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10# Corrugated Plastic Fish Box Assembly

50# Corrugated Plastic Fish Box Assembly