Corrugated Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

Plastic corrugated sheet extrusion is the foundational core of our business. CoolSeal USA is one of 6 extruders of plastic corrugated in North America, we are the manufacturer not a supplier / wholesaler.

These fluted polypropylene sheets are for interior and exterior use. They are moisture resistant, durable, bendable and flexible.

Applications or uses of polypropylene sheets: food, household, containers

Stock or Custom Corrugated Plastic Sheets:

As a corrugated sheet manufacturer, we can extrude our own corrugated plastic sheet in gauges ranging from 2mm to 10mm. We offer stock and custom size sheets in three standard colors: blue, white and black. A range of colors more varied than the rainbow are also available.

Laminated Plastic Sheet:

Our corrugated plastic sheets are available laminated with spun bond or brushed nylon fabric laminated on one or both sides.

Die Cut Plastic Sheet:

We have in house capabilities to die cut sheets to your specification

Stock or Custom Corrugated Sheets


Corrugated Plastic Sheet Manufacturer

Die cut to your specification.


Standard and Custom Colors

Standard in 3 colors: blue, white and black. Other colors are also available.


Plastic Corrugated Sheets

Fluted polypropylene sheets are for interior and exterior use.

For the last 30 years, plastic corrugated has been used primarily for the printing and automotive returnable packaging industries in North America. However, because of our extensive background, CoolSeal is a corrugated sheet manufacturer and supplier with knowledge unparalleled by any others in the marketplace.

We not only extrude our own plastic, but we have the design knowledge to make it work for our customers in markets where it traditionally has not been used. As the only independent extruder of plastic corrugated in the country, we are committed to helping our customers find the best and most cost-effective solutions and not pigeon-holing anyone into what has become “standard” in the North American marketplace.

In addition to extruding, we also laminate cloth materials onto our plastic corrugated substrates, primarily for class A surface protection within the automotive returnable packaging market. These materials include foams, brushed nylon, and spun bond polypropylene.

We have founded our facility much in the same fashion as that of an integrated paper corrugated house, so as to offer our customers fabricating capabilities unmatched in North America. We have created technologies that no one else uses, including high speed flexographic printing using U.V. inks, thermal die-cutting with edge sealing, and high speed specialty gluing specifically for our plastic corrugated.

Our quality policy says it all, as we strive to be the foremost extruder and fabricator of plastic corrugated in North America. We are committed to total customer satisfaction in everything we do, partnerships with customers and suppliers, and employee communication and involvement, as we expand the market in new and diverse directions.

Call or email us to discuss being your extruded corrugated polypropylene sheets supplier.