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As one of the leading producers of plastic corrugated in North America, CoolSeal USA has set our business apart from our competitors through fabrication, much like an integrated company in the paper packaging industry.

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Industry-Leading Expertise in Polypropylene Sheet Production

At CoolSeal USA, we believe in innovation and quality in the production of corrugated plastic sheets. Our polypropylene sheets reflect our dedication to durability, design, and superior moisture resistance. Fluted polypropylene sheets and panels are for interior and exterior use. Utilized across diverse industries, from automotive to construction and packaging, these sheets embody versatility and cost-efficiency.

Our Product Range: Designed for Diverse Applications

Our inventory includes corrugated plastic sheets in standard dimensions of 48” x 96”, available in thicknesses from 2mm to 10mm, and in colors White, Blue, and Black. Each sheet is Corona treated and contains dust-controlling anti-stat, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Bulk and Special Orders: Meeting Your Business Scale

CoolSeal USA is your partner for large-scale requirements. Our minimum wholesale order quantity starts at 3,200 square feet, providing cost-effective solutions for substantial needs. For custom color and gram weight orders, we accommodate requests starting from 15,000 Square Feet. For our retail customers, we do offer an online store to allow for orders in smaller quantities. Retail Stock Sheet Shopping Cart - CoolSeal USA

Customization: Tailoring to Your Specific Needs

Understanding that each client has unique requirements, CoolSeal USA offers customized solutions. Our expertise in fabricating special sizes, unique colors, varying gram weights, and specialized finishes like lamination or die cutting distinguishes us from our competitors.

Why Choose CoolSeal USA?

Commitment to Quality:

Our mission to be North America's foremost extruder and fabricator of corrugated plastic is rooted in our pursuit of customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement.

Partnership & Communication:

We believe in building strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, based upon our effective communication and employee involvement.

Leadership in the Industry:

As an industry leader, we not only provide products but also impart our knowledge and expertise, adding value to every interaction with our clients.


High-Quality Flat Sheets for the Printing Industry

Our commitment at CoolSeal USA extends to producing tight tolerance flat sheets, a critical feature for the printing industry. Recognized for their 'print quality,' all our sheets meet these high standards. This makes them ideal for outdoor signage applications, such as election signs and billboards. We understand the challenge of printing on plastic corrugated's naturally slippery surface. That's why we Corona treat all our sheets, effectively roughening the surface to ensure ink adheres well, guaranteeing crisp and durable graphics.

Black corrugated plastic sheet on stock.

Retail Options for Smaller Volume Needs

Understanding that not all projects require large quantities, we offer a convenient solution for those needing smaller volumes of our high-quality sheets. For customers who don't need 3,200 square feet of material, we provide a retail option through our online store. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all sizes have access to our top-grade, print-ready corrugated sheets, suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Our factory direct stock sheets are now available for retail customers in individual quantities! All stock sheets are 48”x96” with flutes running along the 96” direction. All sheets are offline, untrimmed, square, and corona treated for printing purposes. All thicknesses available in white, blue or black.

For wholesale customers or orders of more than 100 sheets, please contact us here.

Stock or Custom Corrugated Plastic Sheets:

As a corrugated sheet manufacturer, we can extrude our own corrugated plastic sheet in gauges ranging from 2mm to 10mm. We offer stock and custom size sheets in three standard colors: blue, white and black. We can also extrude any color in the rainbow.

Plastic corrugated by itself is abrasive to a class A surface. CoolSeal laminates a variety of fabrics and foams in house to provide class A surface protection while still having the structure of the plastic corrugated to build something out of.

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Die Cut Plastic Sheet:

CoolSeal can meet all of your plastic corrugated die cutting needs. We have a variety of die cutters operating from 3,000 impressions per hour to 300 so that we can meet your needs efficiently and cost effectively.

CoolSeal has over 35 years’ experience in the fabrication of plastic corrugated, primarily for the automotive returnable packaging industry. We understand what the expectations are of the product and how we can supply that product in a fashion that will save your company time and money in assembly.

Thermal Die Cutting – We are the only company in North America with the ability to thermally die cut, using a heated platen to set scores as well as seal the edges on a number of our plastic corrugated thicknesses, offering a friendly, hygienic edge.

Unlike other extruders, we are not focused on making sheet for the sign industry, we are interested in materials that are going to be converted in one way or another.

Achieving the Right Skin to Flute Ratio

The goal is to create a product that not only meets the functional requirements of durability and flexibility but also excels in aesthetics by providing a flat, smooth surface ideal for high-quality printing.


The skin to flute ratio is critical in ensuring that the corrugated sheet remains flat and free from excessive peaks and valleys. This ratio refers to the thickness of the outer layers (skin) compared to the inner corrugated layer (flute). A well-balanced ratio ensures that the sheet has enough rigidity to prevent warping while maintaining sufficient surface smoothness for printing. If the ratio is not right, the board will feel wavy and be very difficult to print as the ink will not be a consistent thickness throughout the graphic.

  • Precision Engineering: Advanced machinery with precise control settings is used to ensure that the extruded sheets have consistent thickness and the corrugations are uniform. This precision engineering helps in maintaining the desired skin to flute ratio.

  • Cooling and Calibration: Post-extrusion, the sheets undergo a controlled cooling process. This step is crucial to prevent any warping or deformation that can arise from uneven cooling. Calibration equipment may also be used to ensure that the sheets are perfectly flat and maintain the correct dimensions.

  • Quality Control: Throughout the manufacturing process, rigorous quality control measures are in place to monitor the skin to flute ratio. This includes visual inspections and mechanical testing to ensure that the sheets meet the stringent requirements for flatness and structural integrity.

Finishing Touches for Print Quality

After achieving the desired structural properties, the sheets may undergo surface treatments to enhance printability. These treatments can include corona treatment, which increases the surface energy of the plastic to ensure better ink adhesion, and coatings that can improve print quality and durability.

Customization for Specific Applications

Manufacturers can tailor the properties of the corrugated plastic sheets to meet specific application needs. This includes adjusting the size, thickness, and even the color of the sheets. For applications requiring high-resolution graphics, such as outdoor signage or point-of-purchase displays, the focus on achieving a perfect skin to flute ratio becomes even more critical.