Order CSA Crop Boxes Available at wholesale prices

Starting at $6.32 each - Sold in bundles of 25 - Order now!

We at CoolSeal want to do our part in promoting community farming by making our CSA packaging better available to vendors big and small. We are happy to announce our wholesale crop are boxes now available for small order requests! We are committed to environmental sustainability and promoting health and togetherness in communities all over the nation, one package at a time.

Our new small order crop boxes comes standard, made with polypropylene (PP5) and marked with smear-proof UV ink. We hot air weld the box together and seal some of the edges for added durability and ease of assembly.

The boxes are sold in bundles of 25, and are available in two convenient sizes: small (½ bushel) and large (¾ bushel.) As crop box manufactures we know the importance of efficiency, so we ship our CSA boxes flat for easy storage and include clear labeling for fast assembly in the field. Our CSA packaging is stackable, with locking tabs that universally fit both sizes, making for easy palletization.

Crop Boxes are Sold in Bundles of 25 - Order Below

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* Crop Box dimensions are in inches.

Bundles of 25 can be purchased through our website below

for discounted LTL Orders of 125+, please call: