CoolSeal's lightweight boxes are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

We heat seal the edges in order to increase strength, improve insulation, eliminate potential contamination in open flutes, and to provide easy and efficient storage and transportation.

The strong, fiber-free packing boxes have an easy-to-erect design that ships flat, and compared to EPS they have similar internal volume with much smaller outer dimensions. The result is more pounds of product per pallet.

100% Recyclable »

CoolSeal boxes are made of corrugated polypropylene and are completely recyclable, making them a fiber-free, environmentally friendly alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) and waxed corrugated boxes.

CoolSeal containers are a cost effective solution for meeting the expectations of customers seeking to reduce waste created by non-recyclable packaging materials.

CoolSeal packaging has been widely used in Europe for many years to accommodate the mandate for the elimination of non-recyclable packaging materials.

As the expectation for fully recyclable packaging materials grows in the United States, look to CoolSeal as a replacement for EPS and waxed corrugated packaging.

Heat Sealed Edge Technology »

Our patented Heat Sealing Technology is used to seal the edges to provide a strong, hygienic box that is virtually unbreakable. This feature:

  • Eliminates the potential for contaminants to enter open flutes
  • Improves the strength of the box
  • Improves the insulating properties by trapping the cold air inside the walls of the box

The boxes are constructed from lightweight Polypropylene, a material chosen because of its recyclability and the strong demand for the reprocessed material.

The Thermal Barrier »

Trapped air is the key. Air is trapped in the flutes with our Heat Sealing Technology, this manufacturing process allows us to seal the material and trap the cool air inside, making it a stronger, leakproof package with improved insulating properties.

The plastic corrugated material we use is lightweight and is strengthened through the process of heat sealing the edges.

This trapped air in the tray and the lid improves the insulating properties of the package by restricting the flow of temperature. Each CoolSeal box surrounds it's contents with a wall of trapped air for insulation and strength.

Efficient Packaging »

Reduced Storage Space:

CoolSeal boxes are delivered flat, pre-folded and packed in bundles, to minimize delivery and storage costs. It is no longer necessary to reserve large areas of expensive floor space for styrofoam boxes waiting to be filled.

CoolSeal boxes can be stored flat and constructed by hand on a just-in-time basis right at your packing stations.

Transportation Efficiency:

When compared to a styrofoam box with the same internal dimensions, an erect CoolSeal package is up to 35% smaller than the erect EPS boxes, resulting in storage and transportation cost savings. You can ship more packages with more product than with EPS and reduce shipping cost per pound.

Airfreight Savings:

Our boxes not only take up less space than styrofoam boxes, they are considerably lighter than waxed corrugated alternatives to reduce freight cost. For example, our lobster box is approximately one pound lighter than it's waxed corrugated alternative. One pound per box offers considerable savings on shipping cost determined by weight.

Also, because CoolSeal boxes are 100% polypropylene with no fasteners, they may pass through security in pallet form as opposed to a waxed corrugated box with staples that may pass through security individually.

Foldable »

Our pre-folded and pre-glued packaging solutions include features that make erecting our boxes simple and cost efficient. These can be draining 4-corner glue or fold-over-end leakproof designs. We offer many variations to accommodate the requirements of a wide variety applications, including custom designs.

CoolSeal's easy-erect design enables waterproof boxes to be ready in a few simple steps. We also offer a range of stacker boxes which include easy-erect bases and pop-up lids and 4-corner glue designs with pop up bases and pop up lids.

These packages are designed for column stacking and interlocking. The trays can be filled and stacked without the lids, and then moved to icing, labeling and packing areas.

Leakproof »

We manufacture standard leakproof boxes ranging in size from 5lb(3kg) to 50lb. Our standard leakproof box base has a ‘fold-over-end’ design making it completely watertight. An added benefit to a completely waterproof material with sealed edges that eliminates the risk of bacterial contamination in open flutes.

Certified for airfreight you can be sure your product will reach its destination by the fastest means possible in excellent condition. Your freight provider will no longer need to be concerned with leakage from your packages. Popular with any retailer interested in reducing waste disposal cost and supporting their Green initiative.

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