100% Recyclable

CoolSeal boxes are made of corrugated polypropylene (PP5) and are completely recyclable, making them a fiber-free, environmentally friendly alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) and waxed corrugated boxes.

CoolSeal containers are a cost effective solution for meeting the expectations of customers seeking to reduce waste created by non-recyclable packaging materials.

CoolSeal packaging has been widely used in Europe for many years to accommodate the mandate for the elimination of non-recyclable packaging materials.

As the expectation for fully recyclable packaging materials grows in the United States, look to CoolSeal as a replacement for EPS and waxed corrugated packaging.


The Positive Side of Plastic

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Plastic. Yes, we want to talk about plastic and its positives, because despite what the news would have you believe – not all plastics are bad.

We are not here to preach to the masses that plastic, in general, is not destroying ecosystems and affecting our planet – because that is a fact. But we are here to educate on the different types of plastics available and how some are actually good for the environment.

Polypropylene is made up purely of carbon and hydrogen and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions. This cannot be said for cardboard or polystyrene alternatives.


Ecosystem Friendly

100% Recyclable Packaging

This form of plastic packaging does not end up in seas and oceans affecting the ecosystems and damaging animal habitats. Because it is 100% recyclable. Once the product has been used, it can be used time and time again, through a relatively straightforward and environmentally friendly method or granulation and reprocessing.

In extreme cases, if the packaging is disposed of incorrectly, it will eventually biodegrade. In fact, it is 2,000 quicker for polypropylene to biodegrade than your standard plastic bottle or 400 times quicker than a single carrier bag.