Frequently Asked Questions

Paper corrugated boxes have been the gold standard of packaging for the last 100 years. Plastic corrugated is relatively new and can be used in much the same way as corrugated. Plastic can in fact be either returnable or expendable, re used or single use. Unlike paper, it is completely impervious to water or any moisture.

Is corrugated the best material for boxes?

Are you talking about paper or plastic corrugated? If you are talking about plastic, I think that I have answered those questions above although I would add that plastic is fiber free and perfect for commercial kitchens or clean room environments.

There really is not a largest size. We would modify the design in order to make it possible and make it cost effective for the customers’ needs.

Yes, as a matter of discussion, we print unlike anyone else in the U.S. onto plastic corrugated. With our printing, you get the speed of Flexographic printing with the durability and print quality of slower and more expensive Screen printing.

Do you have minimum order requirements ?

We do, but we want to see our customers succeed. As one of only eight plastic corrugated extrusion companies in North America, while we are one of the smallest, we are large enough to serve you yet small enough to know you.

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