Demand for improved methods of waste management are likely to increase in the U.S. as the tolerance declines for the ever-increasing production of waste from non-recyclable packaging materials.

The benefits throughout the supply chain resulting from the use of 100% recyclable materials are significant and can be realized at all levels in the supply chain. The most obvious benefit being a reduced carbon footprint through the use of recyclable polypropylene as an alternative to traditional non-recyclable packaging materials like expanded polystyrene (EPS) and waxed corrugated.

Additionally, CoolSeal packages offer thermal properties well suited to the cold chain environment for food and pharmaceutical transport. CoolSeal packaging solutions offer the opportunity to replace non recyclable packaging with 100% recyclable and fiber free packaging materials into their system to both reduce waste and further differentiate themselves.

The drive to be "Green" is at the forefront for many retailers and their interest in suppliers offering truly recyclable packaging solutions is increasing. We believe demand for recyclable packaging materials resulting in a source of ancillary revenue rather than added cost for the disposal of non-recyclable packaging will become increasingly prevalent in the United States as it has been in Europe for many years.

CoolSeal products are manufactured from lightweight polypropylene, a material chosen because of its recyclability, its inert nature, lightweight yet very strong, waterproof, chemical and stain resistant characteristics.

The recycling code for polypropylene is:


At the retail point of delivery CoolSeal products can be segregated and sold for plastics recycling or it can be easily curbside recycled to deliver cost benefits to retail customers.

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