CoolSeal's lightweight boxes are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

We heat seal the edges in order to increase strength, improve insulation, eliminate potential contamination in open flutes, and to provide easy and efficient storage and transportation.

The strong, fiber-free packing boxes have an easy-to-erect design that ships flat, and compared to EPS they have similar internal volume with much smaller outer dimensions. The result is more pounds of product per pallet.



Our pre-folded and pre-glued packaging solutions include features that make erecting our boxes simple and cost efficient. These can be draining 4-corner glue or fold-over-end leakproof designs. We offer many variations to accommodate the requirements of a wide variety applications, including custom designs.

CoolSeal's easy-erect design enables waterproof boxes to be ready in a few simple steps. We also offer a range of stacker boxes which include easy-erect bases and pop-up lids and 4-corner glue designs with pop up bases and pop up lids.

These packages are designed for column stacking and interlocking. The trays can be filled and stacked without the lids, and then moved to icing, labeling and packing areas.