CoolSeal's lightweight boxes are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

We heat seal the edges in order to increase strength, improve insulation, eliminate potential contamination in open flutes, and to provide easy and efficient storage and transportation.

The strong, fiber-free packing boxes have an easy-to-erect design that ships flat, and compared to EPS they have similar internal volume with much smaller outer dimensions. The result is more pounds of product per pallet.


Heat Sealed Edge Technology

Our patented Heat Sealing Technology is used to seal the edges to provide a strong, hygienic box that is virtually unbreakable. This feature:

  • Eliminates the potential for contaminants to enter open flutes
  • Improves the strength of the box
  • Improves the insulating properties by trapping the cold air inside the walls of the box

The boxes are constructed from lightweight Polypropylene, a material chosen because of its recyclability and the strong demand for the reprocessed material.