Packaging Solutions for Seafood

Designed specifically for fresh or frozen seafood; A 100% recyclable, eco-friendly replacement for styrofoam and waxed cardboard packaging.

CoolSeal USA is the only manufacturer and supplier that offers a cost effective, completely recyclable alternative to the seafood shipping standards that have been used in the fishing industry for years.

We have proven solutions to shipping seafood boxes that replace Styrofoam and waxed corrugated boxes. Our fish shipping boxes have been developed and implemented throughout Europe and now, for the first time in the United States, through CoolSeal USA as well.

Our customers benefit from additional costs savings through the use of CoolSeal fish shipping box packaging. These savings result from reduced storage space both inbound and outbound, increased product per pallet, decreased maintenance and disposal and significantly increased marketability through custom printing.

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CoolSeal packaging solutions are very well suited to any wet environment:

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Certified for direct food contact
  • Improve hygiene with CoolSeal’s Heat Sealed Edge, non-staining material
  • Delivered flat, pre-folded and packed in bundles minimizing storage and delivery costs
  • Easy erect designs built in one simple movement
  • Minimize storage costs by up to 85% with our flat packed design
  • Reduce delivery cost with a lighter and less bulky wax seafood box
  • Speed up packing with more fish shipping boxes available on-demand at packing line
  • Eliminate styrofoam bead contamination of your facility & drain cleaning expense
  • Improve product quality with faster chilling times
  • Residual value of 100% recyclable material