Leakproof Boxes

Our standard leakproof corrugated plastic boxes range from 5lb to 50lb. Custom package designs available as well.

Our leakproof box base has a ‘fold-over-end’ design making it completely watertight and simple to assemble. You can be sure your product will reach its destination in good condition by the fastest means available, without leakage.

Popular with retail customers interested in reducing their waste disposal costs and supporting their "Green" initiative.

  • 100% Recyclable, eco friendly packaging
  • Designed for wet applications, or where draining boxes are desirable
  • Eliminate need for liners
  • Shipped completely flat for delivery & storage​ efficiencies
  • Inert material chemical & stain resistant
  • Up to 50% more boxes per pallet when compared to styrofoam
  • Thermally insulated walls
  • Lightweight & hygienic
  • Excellent UV quality print
  • Easy erect 2-piece designs built in a few simple movements

Standard Leakproof Designs


25 lb & 50 lb box coming soon!